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About Us

Creating Change

Voice4YouthAgainstViolence's vision is to inspire and motivate individuals to improve their enjoyment and quality of life. Our mission is to empower vulnerable individuals to develop the skills, confidence and resilience they need to fulfill their potential and play a positive role in their communities. 

Vouth4YouthAgainstViolence deliver training, mentoring, consultancy and much more.

We specialize in achieving positive outcomes and creating impact, each service is tailored to meet the service needs with a variety of services available to our clients. 

Behaviour is learned communication. Behaviours can be unlearned and relearned.   

Empowering lives, impacting communities

Across London, Essex and Kent we offer a range of services for disadvantaged adults and young people aimed at tackling issues such as substance misuse, crime and offending behaviour, homelessness and employability. 


  • Motivates and inspires sustained change for individuals.
  • Is led by an inspirational community of staff and volunteers.
  • Is shaped by the needs and views of the community, stakeholders, clients, staff and volunteers.
  • Incorporates sport, well-being and personal development activities.
  • Empowers and enables individuals to access volunteering, education, training and employment.

We provide preventative and positive outcomes through transformative negotiation. We have been established to increase youth services, with an excellent reputation for providing reliable and professional support solutions to all agencies involved in Education, the Criminal Justice System and the Gang Intervention and Prevention Process these include:


  • High Risk Gang Conflict Resolution/Mediation
  • Violence Reduction
  • Pre – Prevention
  • In Reach (Prisons)
  • Structured Mentoring (One on One and Group sessions)
  • Appropriate Adult at Police Station and Courts
  • Youth Gang Activists
  • Consultancy/Teaching
  • Road to employment/training

All of our services can be specifically tailored to suit the exact requirements of the commissioning organisations.



Our Programmes create positive outcomes

Our programmes educate life skills and input valuable experience, support and knowledge to young people that improves their developmental abilities, enabling them to make more responsible decisions and adjust the pattern of their behaviour, whilst providing recognition for positive healthy standards of behaviour. 

About Us



We specialize in quality accredited approved training.   



We specialize in quality accredited approved Consultancy. 



We specialize in quality accredited approved mentoring.   


Ali Xavier, MA, BA (Hons), FHEA Head of Student Support and Professional Development

“I have nothing but positive comments to make about Jermaine: he is a committed, determined, and passionate role-model, who is deeply concerned with seeing the lives of vulnerable young people changed. I had the privilege of Jermaine working on a team with me on a college trip to Uganda: this was a tough learning environment which Jermaine embraced whole-heartedly. He is open to learning, and worked with enthusiasm in tough circumstances. Jermaine graduated with a BA honours degree in Youth Work and Ministry (with professional JNC accreditation) in July 2015, and was in addition to this awarded the Principal’s Award and the Student of the year Award, recognising his character, progression and determination to succeed throughout his studies. This award was prestige, competitive, and nominated for by staff, students and communities at OCHE.”   

Mervin Cato Head of Alternative Provision, London Borough of Enfield

"As Head of Alternative Provision in Enfield, we are privileged to have Jermaine working with our learners. They always look forward to their meetings with Jermaine and so do we as we can see the impact he is having in their lives. There is so much we can say about Jermaine. He is such a positive role model, an outstanding mentor and an inspirational speaker. Jermaine adds immeasurable value to our Enfield community." 

Mick Lees Head of Youth Engagement Panel, London Borough of Enfield

“I have known Jermaine for several years as he has performed the role of a mentor and group worker. I have witnessed him speak on a number of occasions and have always found him to be a person who the young people find to be very engaging. He speaks with real passion about the issues affecting young people, which is very powerful and incredibly impactive. Jermaine is an inspirational figure having turned his life around and by now trying to help other young people do the same.” 

Gary Lefley Retired Head teacher, John Barker Centre, Enfield Secondary Tuition Centre


 “Jermaine is a remarkable young man. I taught him many years ago when he was a teenager. A group session was organised at the Eldon site with presentations from the Enfield YOT team. To my surprise I recognised the lead speaker. It was Jermaine. I was worried because he was young – early 20s - and the 40 or so students had all been permanently excluded from mainstream education due to their behaviour. To say they were a difficult audience is a considerable understatement. 

Jermaine was astonishing. He shared his life experience with us. His story was powerful, compelling, empathetic and empowering. It may be an old cliché but you could hear a pin drop, a rare experience in a PRU. The staff and all the students were utterly engaged, absorbed and inspired. I was an experienced, hardened and grizzled old head teacher, but Jermaine reduced me to tears and I could barely move the vote of thanks. I must say it was not just the content of his story. He was articulate, accomplished and passionate. The delivery was impeccable, honest and heart-warming.

I subsequently engaged Jermaine to address our other 2 sites and employed him as a one-to-one mentor. The students loved him. While he was able to relate to their experiences and mentor them accordingly, he never made the error of pretending to be their friend. He understood his role as the responsible adult and was professional at all times. The students trusted him, as did I. 

The organisation or organisations that choose to engage Jermaine will be lucky to have him. I thoroughly recommend Jermaine to you, without reservation.” 

Kate Parsons, Centrepoint Westminster Service Manager


Jermaine Lawlor is an incredible young man on a mission and actively working towards his goals of engaging young people to become positive members of society. Jermaine is able to engage very difficult to reach young people with complex needs, he takes his time in forming professional relationships in order to build a strong rapport with clients. 

Jermaine is no stranger to the issues of which affect our young community. Instead of manifesting the negative past of his life he uses it to help people to better them selves and their surroundings. Jermaine mentors hard to reach service users at the service I manage, since Jermaine has been engaging with these clients my staff and I are able to notice a huge difference in behaviour and engagement within the service. Jermaine actively strives for the best positive outcomes for the clients he's always thinking of new ways in which he can help and keep young people safe. 

Jermaine is a very approachable and warm person with extreme strength. I would recommend Jermaine's services to any organization concerned of a young person who is hard to reach as Jermaine will bring a new twist to the table in order to develop a positive contribution to any vulnerable persons life.