About Us


We aim to cultivate an environment of tangible change that is positive, purposefully inspiring and memorable, a speaking voice for voiceless communities, we believe in quality of services enhanced through innovation that is sustainable, empowering, challenging you to be the best you can be.   

Our purpose, our passion, is to empower vulnerable individuals to take control of their lives, begin to realise their hopes and aspirations, change their world and, together, change ours.   

Behaviour is learned communication. Behaviours can be unlearned and relearned.  


Empowering lives, changing communities. 


  • Motivates and inspires sustained change for individuals.
  • Is led by an inspirational community of staff and volunteers.
  • Is shaped by the needs and views of the community, stakeholders, clients, staff and volunteers.
  • Incorporates sport, well-being and personal development activities.
  • Empowers and enables individuals to access volunteering, education, training and employment.

 Voice4YouthAgainstViolence seek to address identified areas of concern relating to family life, peer relationships, school exclusion, mental health and behaviour in the community through a semi-structured programme of resilience-based systemic and behavioural interventions that aim to achieve minimisation of risk and healthier and safer life’s styles for our clients and their families.

About Us

Jermaine Lawlor

 Jermaine Lawlor – Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner, the Principal’s Award winner at OCHE, the Student of the Year Award winner at OCHE, and Enfield Borough Commander Award winner.

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